As you know, most of the algae are seaweed. This gives them distinct properties that we cannot observe in terrestrial foods and makes them superfoods.

It is well known the great longevity that people have that include in their diet commonly algae. In Japan, seaweed is normally included on the menu, and we all know the longevity of this people. Fortunately, nowadays everyone can take advantage of its benefits, and you should be one of them.

Generally speaking, these superfoods algae are usually high in minerals, so they are remineralizing, which improves the body’s biochemical ability.

They are also depurative and diuretic, as they cleanse organs such as kidneys or liver. This causes you to eliminate heavy metals, which are very difficult to expel, and various toxins that your body slowly stores.

Finally, we can also highlight its slimming character, which helps dissolve the fats that your body stores. In this way, it will be easier to lose weight.