A fruit is the organ of the plant that it uses to reproduce itself, since inside it contains the seeds that will later be disseminated. We humans have learned to use them and to integrate them into our diet. Some almost daily, others more occasionally, but many have become a fundamental element of our gastronomy.

Each people and each culture has used the fruits they had within their reach and incorporated into their diet those that grew up near their towns and cities. As time went by, they naturally chose those that showed the best properties and results.

Today we are lucky enough to have access to fruits from anywhere in the world. This gives us access to the superfood fruits from all over the world. Thus, we can enjoy the benefits that all peoples and cultures have enjoyed for millennia.

For all that said, it is no longer a problem to be thousands of miles away from the fruits that are superfoods. We are going to talk about Goji berries, acai, lychee, pineapple, olive oil and coconut milk.

These superfoods originate from three different continents, and we are going to teach you how to integrate them into your diet to serve you all their benefits.

Goji berries are originally from China, although in Europe they have been grown for quite some time. Acai berries are originally from South America, as is the coconut – although some studies claim that they may be from Asia. Either way, both are grown well in tropical climates.

Finally, why not now include others that are too?