Depending on the diet we choose or whom we ask, the recommended amount of cereals to consume varies, between 50% and 75%. But what is common to all is that cereals are the fundamental base of the food pyramid.

The reason why they are so appreciated and necessary lies in their high composition of complex carbohydrates, that is, they are metabolized little by little in the moments when the individual needs energy.

But of all the cereals we can choose from, why don’t we choose those that have the best properties and added nutritional value naturally? It would not be unreasonable to call these cereals superfoods, as they would be the most complete seeds we could find.

There would be four superfoods: quinoa, spelt, chia and flax. We will now explain why we say that they have the best properties as cereals and why their nutritional value is superior to other seeds.

Spelt and quinoa: the basis of our food
From our superfood seeds, our four chosen a high content of complex carbohydrates, as befits their condition as cereals.

Quinoa chia and flax seeds isolated on white background

Superfoods spelt seeds and quinoa

In particular, both quinoa and spelt have a very low amount of fat, as well as an abnormally high number of proteins for cereals. This makes them a superfood for society in general and for athletes in particular, as they combine the necessary supply of energy we need through carbohydrates, and the building of our muscles and organs through proteins.

Without a doubt, we can say that they should be the basis of our food, as a basic caloric contribution.