It’s no secret how many plants there are in the world. Their immense diversity makes it possible for us humans to take advantage of them since time immemorial.

Perhaps because we’ve used them most, they’ve been used as food. Given their great variety, plants can have many gastronomic uses, and their nutritional value varies greatly depending on the species.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we focus on those plants that are superfoods, that is, that have beneficial properties not seen in many other foods. These properties can range from vitamins or trace elements that are difficult to access, to medicinal properties, diuretics, analgesics, etc.

The superfood greens that we are going to see here are mainly four: Kale, Wheat Grass, and moringa. All of them stand out for one – or several – reasons that we will see later on. Read on and you will be convinced why you should include these foods in your diet.

Superfoods that are plants or tree. Examples, cases, pros and cons of taking them
In this page we want to talk to you about superfoods whose origin is plants, some of which are plants that we can easily find in our daily life, others have some kind of treatment and others are sold in the form of food supplements. But all of them bring benefits for your health.

Of course, we want to talk about both the benefits and the side effects that each of them can have and that it is important to take into account if you suffer from any kind of illness or intolerance.